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The Sally Squad: Pals to the Rescue


Along their many adventures, The Sally Squad meets curious and exciting friends. But how can a crown-wearing toad king and directional dragonflies be of any help against real danger?

And what about the terrifying man with the gun?

Life with Sally 4: Princess Tails


Do you know of any other dogs who go to doggy Pilates? Sally did and the results were as disastrous as you might imagine.

Life with Sally 3: Waggin' More Tails


Over the years, love came into author Tricia McDonald’s life in many ways—her children, husband, family members, and friends. She was familiar with human love, but had never felt this level of affection from and for a dog…until she met Sally.

If you have ever loved a dog, this book will touch your heart.

Life with Sally 2: Still Spinnin' Tails


Meet Sally, a white miniature bull terrier with a locked-and-loaded stare and neuroses aplenty. In Still Spinnin’ Tails, author Tricia L. McDonald opens the front door of her home and invites readers in to experience Sally’s adorable weirdness for themselves.

Life with Sally 1: Little White Dog Tails


Life With Sally: Little White Dog Tails is a compilation of humorous stores about Sally, a miniature bull terrier, and the family that adores her.

Reading this book you will laugh, you will sigh, and you will shake your head.

In the end, you too will love Sally.

Quit Whining, Start Writing: A Novelist's Guide to Writing


Quit Whining Start Writing has the solutions to help you overcome your writing excuses and start writing.