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“You Can’t” Gremlin – Stress Thingy


Ever needed help quieting that Gremlin on your shoulder smothering your creativity with negative energy?

Here’s your chance!


What is a Gremlin?

A gremlin is the voice in your head that is the self-doubting, pessimistic, obnoxious part of you. This gremlin is a physical representation of that voice in your head.

Your gremlin tells you that

  • you’ll never make it as a writer;
  • you’re not good enough;
  • you don’t have time to write; and
  • everyone will laugh at you.

The voice says

  • the laundry needs to be folded;
  • the cat litter boxes need to be cleaned;
  • the yard needs to be raked;
  • the spices need to be alphabetized; and
  • all BEFORE your write.

Do NOT let your gremlin keep you from writing.

When your gremlin starts in on you, do something with it:

  • place its hand over its mouth;
  • toss it in a drawer or the freezer;
  • stick it in a plant; or
  • put it in a corner for a time-out.

Do something physical with your gremlin and then get back to WRITING!

Additional information

Weight1 oz
Dimensions11 × 8.5 × 2 in

Each Gremlin is Unique


Stuffed Felt


9" Tall by 4" Wide

Washing Instructions

Hand Wash Only


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