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QWSW: Introduction to Novel Writing


Introduction to Novel Writing

Organization, commitment and planning are key to the actual completion of the first draft of your novel. Frustration and loss of confidence lead to less time writing, and avoidance will not get it completed. But you already know this, right?

 And believe me when I tell you there is no one tool that will write your manuscript for you. So when you see an advertisement for software declaring it will write your novel—don’t believe it. You will write your novel, period.

What this book will give you is a course of action that will help you write it. These are tips I have learned along the way or have received from other writers who swear by them.

Take the information you will gather from this book, along with articles and information you may receive from other sources, and gather them into your working notebook.

You will find that many topics will be discussed over and over (Point of View, Character, Setting, Scenes, etc) and you will find them in a variety of places—online, magazines, books and conferences.

Collect this information and when you run into a problem with your writing, you will have resources for answers.

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